Request for Proposals: Cell Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease with GBA


We are actively reviewing pre-clinical programs that could be appropriate for GBA mutation carriers.

Purpose. The Silverstein Foundation for Parkinson’s with GBA seeks to support research that will study and develop cell transplant therapies for Parkinson’s Disease. Specifically, the Silverstein Foundation is seeking proposal applications for cell transplant therapies with disease modifying potential and/or the potential to significantly improve symptomatic treatment beyond standard of care in GBA-related Parkinson’s Disease.

Areas of Interest. The Silverstein Foundation encourages proposals with a translational focus and a defined plan for moving toward clinical utility for patients. 

Special Eligibility Criteria. The Silverstein Foundation invites qualified investigators to submit grant proposals to study and develop cell therapies for Parkinson’s Disease which meet the following criteria:

  1. Cell preparation for transplant to include fully differentiated and functional midbrain dopaminergic neurons derived either from fully mature neurons or through differentiation strategies using immature cell types
  2. Cell transplant approach should minimize the requirement for immunosuppressive regimens to maintain long term cell viability
  3. Cell transplant approach should yield highly reproducible cell survival, engraftment, and functionality post-transplant
  4. Cell transplant approach should be amenable preferentially to an “off the shelf” approach for many patients as opposed to being patient specific
  5. Special consideration to strategies that address non-motor manifestations of disease

Amount. Please include a budget of both direct and indirect costs in your proposal. Please justify all proposed budget items at a line-item level of detail.

Time frame for submission: December 31, 2017
Anticipated funding period: March 2018

Application Guidelines. Please include the following components in your proposal.

  1. Proposal Title & Abstract (1 page maximum)
    1. Proposal title, PI(s) name(s) and affiliation(s)
    2. Abstract
    3. Therapeutic Profile (if relevant)
  2. Scientific Narrative/ Research Proposal
    1. Background
    2. Project Goals & Study Plan (5 page maximum)
    3. Preliminary studies
    4. Anticipated timeline/ milestones (2 page maximum)
    5. Literature Citations (2 page maximum)
  3. Detailed Budget
    1. Direct and indirect costs at a line-item level of detail. Information should be denominated in USD.
    2. Academic institutions may request up to 25% of direct costs.
    3. All costs must be justified and approved by the Foundation.
    4. Budget justification: provide a brief description of the role and responsibility(s) of each key personnel and budget items, specifying their relevance to the project
  4. PI Biosketch & Other Supporting Materials
    1. Biosketch (2 pages maximum)
    2. Other funding sources: For any PI or personnel listed, list any current or pending funding source. For each grant include the title, a brief abstract, annual amount of grant, funding period, and percentage effort of the investigator. Specifically state whether or not there is scientific overlap with the current application; and where there is overlap, please explain.
    3. Include list of recent and relevant publications
    4. Other figures and/or photographs and relevant articles.

About The Silverstein Foundation for Parkinson’s with GBA
. The Silverstein Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2017 focused on investing in cutting edge research with the goal of discovering new therapies for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease in glucocerebrosidase (GBA1) mutation carriers. For more information, please visit

Contact. Please submit proposals to For additional questions, please contact Niketa Sheth at